1. RECAPP Visual Guidelines


    Check out our visual guide to making RECAPP beautiful. 


  2. New RECAPP



    We recently re-skinned RECAPP to give it a cleaner, more modern look.

    • The new logo reflects a bolder and more energetic RECAPP.
    • We went from buttons to icons to simplify the navbar for users. 

    Sports are simple. Fans care about their favorite teams and sports. We want to deliver them all the highest-quality content in the most well-designed and easy-to-use experience possible. 

  3. RECAPP Making It Easier For Fans To Get Their Sports News - SportTechie

    "Everyone has their favorite sports websites on the web to browse for news about their favorite teams. But going from URL to URL to find news about your favorite player can be a hassle. RECAPP brings all of that together in one simple, visually appealing application.”


  4. RECAPP is on Vine!

    RECAPP brings you more quality stories than any other sports app! Check out our Vine to see what we’ve got inside. 



  5. The Future

    Our mission is to create the best experience in mobile for sports fans. To do that, we think about every aspect of what makes someone a fan. How do fans consume information, how do they share it, and how do they express themselves as fans? 

    So far, we’ve tackled news consumption. Against the likes of Team Stream and SC Feed, we’ve done a great job of creating a simple-to-use and well-designed app that brings together sports news from the best sources and writers around the web. Because we are not a content creator like BR or ESPN, we are uniquely positioned to simply do what’s best for fans and to highlight the highest-quality overall news without bias. 

    TechCrunch has called RECAPP “addicting.” Chat Sports said “this sleek interface is one of the best I have ever seen for a sports app.” 

    We are proud of what we’ve built so far but we are not at all satisfied. There is so much more to being a sports fan that has not yet been captured in this digital world. We are incredibly passionate about figuring out how to build out features that seamlessly fit in to how fans connect, share, and express themselves as fans. We want to enhance the digital life of sports fans everywhere and we will work tirelessly until our vision of that future is realized. 

    David Chen

    Founder of RECAPP

  6. Thank you to all our loyal users. Enjoy our Year In Review.


  7. RECAPP Pillars

    Our mission at RECAPP is to deliver the best experience in mobile for sports fans. To do that, we think about 3 pillars in everything we do.

    1) Thoughtful Design

    We have a passion for beautiful, elegant design. Yes, we make a sports app, but our goal from the very first day was to try to create one of the best designed apps in the App Store. Everything from our colors, to the logos, to the fonts (and font sizes) has been thoughtfully pieced together to create an app that pleases your eyes every time you open it.

    2) Simple and Fluid User Experience

    Speed. Ease of Use. Nothing is more important to a person using his iPhone. That’s why we’ve constructed our infrastructure to give you one of the fastest loading apps out there. Also, the way we’ve structured the app to show you who you are following along with the most recent story makes RECAPP one of the most simple yet powerful experiences you’ll have in reading news. 

    3) Curated High-Quality Content

    The internet is noisy. Everyone has a voice. It takes a lot of energy to filter out the noise and we don’t think you should have to. That’s why we try to feature only the best. By bringing together only the best writers and best sources into one place, you can spend less time filtering and more time reading about the teams and sports you care about. 

    David Chen

    Founder of RECAPP


  8. RECAPP Featured in TechCrunch


    RECAPP was featured this week in TechCrunch during TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012. Check out the great article.


  9. RECAPP in the Top 50 of the App Store Sports Section


    We’re now ahead of Yahoo Sportacular and Sports Illustrated’s apps. Thank you users!


  10. We’ve cracked the Top 100 in the App Store for Sports Apps


    We are currently ranked #79 in the App Store for Sports Apps! Thank you to all our new and old users!

    RECAPP Team