1. Welcome to RECAPP


    We are thrilled to announce the launch of RECAPP today, free in the App Store. RECAPP is a sports news reader and the easiest way to follow all your favorite teams and sports in one place. 

    Our mission is to create the best possible experience for fans. In this first version of RECAPP, we’ve tried to make your life easier by 1) organizing the information you care about and 2) personalizing the content for you. 

    1) There are so many high-quality sources and writers out there. There’s also a lot of bad ones. We handpicked all the good ones and put them in the app. So instead of you bouncing around 10 sites to catch up on all the good news, you can find it all in RECAPP. We’ve tried to reduce the friction between you and the news you want to read.

    2) Every sports fan is different. We all follow different teams and sports. But when you go to ESPN or SI, you see the same thing as everyone else. They cater to millions of people and not you. But RECAPP is personalized just for you. You’ll get the best news about the teams and sports you care about. It’s how sports fans were meant to get their news. 

    We’ve designed the app to be comprehensive in content but also, simple-to-use. Tap the plus symbol for teams or sports you want to follow, go to the homepage, and you’re ready to read. 

    If you have any feedback or just want to say hi, drop us a note at hello@recapp.me.